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Discussion of the world of speculative fiction and beyond by three people who oughta know better.

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Episode Three: Ayn Rand, Cats Versus Dogs and Other Religious Subjects


Controversies this episode include: are cats more work than dogs, should Ira be eaten during the Geek Apocalypse Retreat and religion. Always religion.

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Episode Two: Perspectives on Technology in Science Fiction


Ira, Gisela and Hugh talk about cellphones, looms and other technologies.

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Interview with author J. M. Frey


Interview with J. M. Frey, author of Triptych and The Accidental Turn series.

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The Awkward First Episode


The Inaugural episode of The Gernsback Machine! Replete with glitches.

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IRA NAYMAN is a science fiction writer of humorous aspect. His sixth novel, Good Intentions, was recently published by Elsewhen Press. He has just published his eleventh collection of Alternate Reality News Service articles, Idiotocracy for Dummies. He is also the very serious editor of Amazing Stories magazine.


GISELA McKAY is a sneaky creature who generally tries to disguise discussions of philosophy as pop culture. One day she may even finish that book, From Here to Trek.


A two-time Aurora Award loser, Hugh has written for On Spec, Interzone and Descant magazines as well as Shoestring Radio Theater on NPR’s Satellite Network. His books include Extreme Dentistry (2014) and Why I Hunt Flying Saucers and Other Fantasticals (2106). Hugh co-curated the National Library of Canada’s SF exhibition and was the cultural consultant for Allarcom Pay-TV’s application to the Canadian Radio and Television Commission for a specialty science fiction television channel (which they lost). Last year Hugh’s paper “Social Justice from the Twilight Zone: Rod Serling as Activist” was published in Dialogue: The Interdisciplinary Journal of Popular Culture and Pedagogy which he thinks is really cool and cannot be considered any kind of a loss.

The opinions expressed on this podcast are the sole responsibility of the people involved, and do not necessarily represent the opinions of Experimenter Publishing or Amazing Stories magazine.